Mighty Claws Adventure Golf at Playgolf Bournemouth

I’ve been going to Playgolf Bournemouth over the last few years to practise at the driving range and play the odd 18 holes when possible. There has been something large and spectacular being built at the front of the building where a pitch and putt area once stood. Recently Mighty Claws adventure golf opened its doors to give the people of Bournemouth a dinosaur themed crazy golf extravaganza!

We decided to pop down and see what it was like. Even though Rex is only two and a half, he loves playing golf in the garden and has played 9 holes of crazy golf before, so we were confident he would both love it and be able to play. After paying and selecting our clubs (Rex was adamant he wanted the medium sized club, leaving Michelle with the small one for now), we entered “Sweet Claw Valley”!

Mighty Claws have really gone all out when it comes to the scenery and whole experience. The course is packed full of large animated, noisy dinosaurs, a huge volcano, a waterfall, big rocks and some cave like areas to make it a really fun and surprisingly immersive experience.

The 18 holes provide fun and entertainment for children and a good degree of difficulty for those adults taking it seriously, which of course we did! A couple of holes have a tricky river to hop your ball across and there are few holes where you use tunnels to get the ball through the varied terrain.

Rex managed to play all 18 holes and thoroughly enjoyed the morning. We headed to The Kitchen Club restaurant afterwards to grab a cup of tea and a teacake. Perfect post-golf refreshment. Mighty Claws has definitely been added to ‘go again’ list!

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  1. Rose Jefferies July 7, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    I have just seen the photo of the cave at the golf course in Bournemouth. It brought a tear to my eye to see a child enjoying themselves surrounded by artwork that I helped create. I volunteered there with RockartUK, and the biggest smile came across my face – gotta admit I shouted “I made that pillar!” so proud to see the place being enjoyed 🙂


  2. I’d really like to take my kids to this too now they are a bit older. Looks great from the photos and a fab alternative to Mr Mulligans in the summer.


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