Sunday Roast at The Larder House

The Larder House, home of artisan foods and amazing roasts in Southbourne.

Last Sunday we decided to finally visit The Larder House in Southbourne. We’d heard good things about it and were craving a nice, restaurant roast dinner. After booking a table for 5.30pm and managing to find a parking spot on the road, close to the restaurant, we were not disappointed!

We were pleasantly surprised to find it a very family and child friendly place, there were families with young children, a couple with a young baby, and us – a couple with a toddler who needed both monkey toys to come to dinner! The staff were very friendly and we appreciated how nice they were to Rex, even though he was mistaken for a girl by one waitress.

The food was really good with big portions. I had the half roast chicken which was excellent and Michelle had the beef. There were a couple of moments of food envy as a fish sharing platter and other dishes walked past for other tables. The menus look worth going back for and exploring. Rex enjoyed some of the sharing bread and a mixture of both our roasts.

Half Roast Chicken

Half Roast Chicken

The restaurant has a great style and has some really nice decor touches. When the bill was presented in an empty Camembert box, I couldn’t help but smile.

This is definitely a place to come back to, and although I’m now on the hunt for other good places to get a Sunday roast in Dorset, I have a feeling we will be returning here often.


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